Name of the Research Topic

Automotive Systems

“Investigation and Technological Innovation in Automotive Systems”


Design, construct and testing of automotive products and components in accordance with the needs and requirements of the automotive industry.

Subtopics or Sub-lines of investigation:

  • Automotive design and manufacturing
  • Implementation of new materials for automotive components
  • Automotive electricity and electronics
  • Development and implementation of didactical methods for engineering.

Name of the Academic Bodies and/or investigation groups relevant to the line of investigation:

INITESA, Academic Body in formation

Participating Professors:

  • José Alfredo Gaytan Díaz
  • Marco Antonio Villarreal Velázquez
  • Javier Ceballos Olivares
  • Gerardo Arreola Jardón

Operation Start Date:


Objective of the Group of Investigation:

Academic formation and production of knowledge, through the generation of investigation, applied to the development of technology for automotive engineering, as a response to institutional and social needs.