Train professionals that design, develop, implement and manage software and informatics technology projects that meet the international quality standards and that accomplish the practicality and efficiency in order to provide an answer to the necessities of the users, in a reasonable and effective manner, for all the productive sectors.

Graduate Profile

As a Software Engineer you will be able to design, develop, implement, operate, and maintain projects and operation systems of the enterprise, institution or public or private organization of the industrial, commercial and services sectors.

Implement methodologies and techniques to design and develop informatics systems, dynamic website and mobile applications. Implement methodologies and techniques in order to design, create and manage data-bases, following the quality standards that the market requires. Analyze the administrative and productive processes of public institutions in order to decrease times and costs. Plan, evaluate and manage projects related to software engineering.

Job Offer

You will be able to develop your professional career from different positions and platforms, such as Chief Information Officer (CIO), Project Manager Officer (PMO), Project Software Leader, Web and Mobile Software Developer, Tester, Software Requirements Analyst, Data-Base Manager, Software Quality Assurance Manager, Auditor and Consultant of Software projects and products, or as an entrepreneur.