Automotive Systems

Train professionals with design-oriented competencies, development and maintenance of mechanical, electrical and electronic systems for the operation of all types of auto motors and the development of innovative products and systems for the industry. Strive for engineers capable of developing their professional career in areas such as manufacture, production, design, engineering, quality or business administration.

Graduate Profile

As an Automotive Systems Engineering you will be capable of developing and implementing activities of design, construction, assembly, operation and administration of mechanical-automotive systems. Propose alternative solutions to the automotive industry in order to optimize the manufacturing processes of auto parts and assembly of automotive systems. Administer systems of production and quality for the automotive industry that contribute to the growth and consolidation of the enterprise.

Job Offer

You will be able to develop in the design and production of industries such as auto parts, assembly of automotive systems, and the development of technology and investigation for the improvement of automotive components. Additionally, you will be able to work as a professional in the automotive sale and post-selling services.