Name of the Research Topic


“Integral formation and transversality”


Innovate in the educational models to orient them towards a solidarity education that contributes to a correct perception of the world, able to generate attitudes and responsible compromises, that prepare citizens for informed decision making, directed to obtain a plural, socially just and sustainable cultural development, in order to construct a new civilized process.

Subtopics or Sub-lines of investigation:

  • Good practices for integral formation
  • Educational Transversality
  • Didactical and Pedagogic Innovations
  • Good Environmental Practices for the Sustainable University
  • Water
  • Natural Heritage (soil, flora, fauna, and landscape)
  • Materials and waste
  • Energy
  • Sustainable Infrastructure
  • Sustainability Culture
  • Social Responsibility and Education
  • Inclusive Education

Name of the Academic Bodies and/or investigation groups relevant to the line of investigation:

Integral Formation

Inclusive Education

Sustainability Education

Participating Professors:

  • M. en I.AC. Paloma Trejo Muñoz
  • M. en C.E. Jairo Fortunato Torres Ibarra
  • Dra. Mahboobeh Zangiabady
  • Colaboradores
  • MAGIC Luis Leonel Heath Moncada
  • Ing. Erika Ximena Gómez Medellín
  • M. en I.E. Rodrigo Ortiz Sánchez
  • Ing. Ana Luz Ramos Alvarez
  • Lic. Carola Pirez
  • Mtro. Cristopher Ortega

Operation Start Date:

01 de agosto de 2014

Objective of the Group of Investigation:

Innovate in didactical and pedagogical methodologies for a new educational practice oriented towards the construction of a new civilized process.