Industrial Metrology

We strive to train professionals to design and implement measurement systems and methods, as well as metro location assurance programs in national industry processes, monitoring and maintaining through quality management systems and methodologies of continuous improvement in sectors such as industry. pharmaceutical, automotive, aeronautical, food, among others.

Graduate Profile

As an Industrial Metrology Engineer you will be capable of designing, developing and implementing new systems and measurement methods, as well as management quality systems for the products and services of the national industry.

You will be able to contribute to the decrease of production and operation costs by increasing the competitiveness and efficiency of production.

You will be capable of generating investigation and technological transfer projects of metrological systems through the analysis of necessities for the improvement of measurement systems, and you will have the necessary capacity to administer and coordinate the operation of calibration or testing laboratories.

Job Offer

You will be a professional that will be able to develop in the automotive and auto parts industry, in the aeronautical industry, chemical and manufacturing industry, among others. As a part of the professionals in charge of instrumentation and automatization or the calibration and testing in laboratories.

Monitoring or managing quality systems, certification and accreditation organizations. You will be able to work in investigation centers and/or academic institutions