Bachelor in

Physical Therapy

We focus in training professionals with knowledge and skills to study and recognize the optimal movement function of the human body and the assertive handling of diverse problems of the muscle-skeletal, neurological and cardiovascular apparatus, in people with some type of disability an/or motor disability, that require to develop or restore the functionality and optimal health status.

Graduate Profile

You will be a professional capable of developing actions to prevent and detect risks that affect corporal human movement. You will evaluate the conditions that alter the normal movement of the human body and develop treatment plans according to the necessities and the evolution of the patient. You will contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of the patient, their family and the society. You will promote the improvement of movement through assertive physical exercise and the handling of some support modalities, using specialized equipment. You will obtain capacities to participate in investigation, administration, management, and decision-making of multidisciplinary groups of customer support.

Job Offer

You will be able to develop your professional career in public and private health institutions, as are hospitals, clinics, and specialized care centers, as well as in educational and/or investigation institutions in the private or public sector. You will be a professional with the capacity of growing in institutions dedicated to the development of sports and in industries and enterprises with multidisciplinary teams of any sector with a high emphasis on customer support.