Politécnica de Santa Rosa

The Universidad Politécnica de Santa Rosa Jáuregui is a public institution of higher education established in the State of Queretaro since 2011. It belongs to a national subsystem of polytechnic and technological universities offering higher educational opportunities to students from underserved communities.

In September 2013, UPSRJ became the first university in the State of Queretaro, and the second university nation-wide in adopting the “BIS” (Bilingual, International and Sustainable) Educational Model. This model is based upon the development of competencies of the students that allows them to be successful in an international environment.

Starting their career, students begin their first term submerged in intensive English courses as a Second Language. Every successive term, students take courses of English as a Second Language along with courses of their field of study. Additionally, in the second term of their program, students start to take subjects in English, which afterwards increases in more technical subjects taken in English throughout the evolution of each term.

The UPSRJ is also dedicated to developing a sustainable environment on campus and developing an environmental consciousness between students. For example, the university just received the support to work in the preservation of the monarch butterfly, and is dedicated in generating consciousness in the preservation of native species.

Additionally, the UPSRJ has an Inclusion Program, in which it provides Higher Education study opportunities to students with some sensory or motor disability. At present, the university counts with highly qualified and prepared staff for the attention of these students.

The University centers in amplifying the international perspective of its students, facilitating opportunities that allow them to study abroad and enabling them to experience a multicultural environment of internationalization within the campus.