Bachelor and Engineering




  1. Make pre-registration here before the date indicated in the current call, and follow the instructions on the screen to generate the bank references corresponding to the preparatory course and admission form.
  2. Print your bank references (preparatory course and admission form).
  3. Make the payments in the corresponding bank.

* Check the costs in the current call.



* Once the payments have been made, go to the school services window of the university with the following documents:

  1. Original and copy of the recent Baccalaureate Certificate or Proof of Studies with general average.
  2. Original and copy of the updated Birth Certificate.
  3. Copy of the CURP.
  4. Original and copy of recent Proof of Residence (no more than 2 months old).
  5. Original and 2 copies of the receipt of payment for the admission form.
  6. Original and 2 copies of the receipt of payment for the preparatory course.
  7. Original and copy of Official Identification, in case of being a minor, valid high school credential of origin.
  8. 2 recent child-size color photographs. 

* For the inclusion program (people with disabilities), in addition to presenting the aforementioned documentation, it is necessary to include:

  1. 2 copies of the Elector’s Credential of the parent or guardian, and of the applicant if he or she is of legal age.
  2. Original and copy of the Credential or Disability Certificate (issued by the DIF).




* Once you have acquired your admission form, you must generate your entrance pass to the CENEVAL exam on the date indicated in the current call.

  1. a) Generate your pass by entering the CENEVAL registry with your pre-registration folio.

  1. b) Print your entrance pass to the CENEVAL exam, sign it and send it to the email
  2. c) It is essential to appear for the exam with the entrance pass, a person who does not present it will not have the right to the exam.


  1. Check the dates for the preparatory course according to the selected career.
  2. The date to take the English level placement test will be informed in the first days of class.


  1. Go to the university to take your CENEVAL exam on the date indicated in the current call. Please arrive with enough time to locate the room where you will present it. (Duration of the exam, 4 hours).
  2. Please introduce yourself with:
    • Entrance pass to CENEVAL exam.
    • An official photo ID (IFE, INE or passport).
    • Pencil number 2 or 2 ½.
    • Eraser and pencil sharpener.
    • alculator with basic functions (not programmable or unscientific).


  1. The results are published on the university website: on the date indicated in the current call.
  2. If admitted, you will be sent a letter to the email you entered in your pre-registration to start your registration, follow the instructions to generate the payment corresponding to the four-month period of your admission.


  1. Check the registration dates in the current call.
  2. If you do not show up on the specified dates and conclude the registration process, it is assumed that you are giving up the assigned place.


  • There are no refunds for any type of concept.
  • The applicant who is admitted must have completed his / her high school studies.
  • The opening by educational program depends entirely on having a minimum of 14 enrolled students.

For more information

School Services Department
Tel. (442) 196 1300 Ext. 112