Educational Models

Avant-garde and Competent University

This model characterizes itself for offering an education based on professional competencies that, as a student, allow you not only to accumulate knowledge, but also generate the conditions to learn and update yourself, identify, problem-solving and posing, formulate and manage projects, communicate effectively and adapt to a world which is in continuous change.

Knowledge + Skills + Abilities + Attitudes = Competencies

For this, a significant learning process is required, meaning that the knowledge must be acquired through experience, in order for them to be durable and that can result in being useful in the professional practice of the students.

The above is intended to be accomplished through an integral education based on real situations that are reflected in the content of relevant study programs. In this manner, it intends to respond to the specific social needs of the region through the articulation of the characteristics of the professional practises with those of the formative processes in the university.

The key strategies within the process are, on the one hand, the advice and tutoring of the student, that has as an objective the accompaniment and monitoring of their performance, as well as the strengthening of the competencies that are intended to be developed; on the other hand, the internship, in which the student puts into practice the knowledge acquired throughout his or her studies, in a real professional scenario.

The model, at the same time, allows for a double degree, the associate professional can obtain this after their second formation cycle or by culminating their internship during their bachelor in the productive sector.