Sport in the UPSRJ aims to promote the practice of sports permanently within the facilities of our university, this for competitive or recreational purposes.

 To promote sports activities, workshops are offered that are open to the UPSRJ community, and that support Human Development matters, as well as internal tournaments and integration into representative teams.


Workshops open to the UPSRJ community.

They are offered at times that are convenient according to the time of entry or exit of the students, they are free and voluntary.


Workshops to support Human Development.

They are promoted in the first cycle of training (first, second and third semesters of the degree) and are taught to the groups assigned by the HR area, they are not voluntary workshops and are held at the schedule established by the teachers at position.


Internal tournaments

They are held during the semester in order to promote the culture of sports, in which students, academic and administrative staff participate.


Representative teams

They are made up of students who meet the requirements established in the “OPERATION GUIDE FOR TEAMS AND REPRESENTATIVE GROUPS OF CULTURE AND SPORTS OF THE POLITÉCNICA UNIVERSITY OF SANTA ROSA JÁUREGUI”, and their fundamental competencies are the state, regional and national stages, of the count and the national cultural and sports meeting of the polytechnic universities.


Se ofrecen diferentes actividades deportivas para complementar la formación de los estudiantes y desarrollar habilidades físicas.

  • Athletics
  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball